Monday, April 2, 2012

A sweet surprise

April 1, Gulf Shores, Alabama
Today is both April Fool's Day and Vic's birthday  (a fate he has had to endure his whole life) and we are moving from Navarre, Florida to Gulf Shores, Alabama--only an hour and a half away. If I were in school, today would be a day of jokes but it seems like there are few opportunities to pull anything off when you are going down the road.  We did, however, stop at Publix for a few groceries and I told a teenage boy behind me in line that I was feeling generous and wanted to pay for his food. His eyes widened like it was his lucky day and then I sprang the April Fools on him.  Had to get it in somehow. Going down the road, I received a text from our Seminole Campground friends, Mike and BJ, that they were on their way to Red Bay, Alabama (300+ miles from here) and that they were enjoying Cranberry Oatmeal Dunkers from the Trader Joe's in Naples. No fair says Vic--these are one of his favorites and they did not have them when we were there last month.  I suggested that they make a detour of three or four hours and bring the cookies to help celebrate Vic's birthday. After getting set up at site 255 at Gulf State Park, we relaxed outside and I got a phone call from BJ asking how to find the entrance to the park. I thought for sure it was a good April Fool's joke, but the next thing I knew they were pulling in to a site across from us. What crazy fun!  This time they were traveling with another couple we had not met named Steve and Diane, who were also retired teachers. Not only did they share their cranberry oatmeal dunkers, they shared an amazing bottle of pinot noir with us and a little "honey" later to tuck us in. Steve was eager to watch the Country Music Awards, so we decided to pull together a joint meal and enjoy an evening outside watching the flat screen TV and listening to a great variety of musical performances.  This sweet surprise sure made Vic's birthday extra special.  We were sorry to see them go the next morning, but totally appreciative of their willingness to literally go out of their way to hang out with us again.
BJ and Mike surprise us at our Gulf Shores campground

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