Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still playing the waiting game in Red Bay

April 21-24, Red Bay, Alabama

We headed into the weekend with colder (low 40s at night) and windier weather and a strong possibility of rain. Most of Florida even had tornado watches but luckily Alabama was not included in this forecast. With the weather as it was, kayaking was out and we had exhausted our list of nearby tourist attractions to visit. By this time, our stock of adult beverages was also running thin, so we made a little trip to the county line.

The package stores in Alabama have beer and wine on the shelves and all liquor behind the counter.  The prices were also quite a bit higher with limited choices, but we managed to find something to go with some card playing. When we were in Michigan, my brother-in-law Joe sent us on our way with some Cuban cigars from Mexico. Vic wouldn't normally smoke a cigar in the motorhome, but these were especially sweet smelling. I couldn't resist getting a photo of him looking so manly with the baby-size playing cards in his hand. (We were playing a travel size game of Sequence.) Can you tell we are getting a little desperate in playing this waiting game?
Other pastimes this weekend included cleaning out drawers, changing all our addresses on-line to our new South Dakota mailbox, and loosely planning our itinerary from here to South Dakota and from South Dakota to the Los Angeles area (not exactly a predictable route, but we have earned the right to be illogical if we want).  I also rekindled my interest in doing some embrodiery that I picked up in the fall when I missed having something to do with my hands--instead of grading papers--while watching television. 

The dogs always present opportunities for something to do whether it's just giving them attention or throwing tennis balls out in the field behind the service area.  In fact, we had a breakthrough with Rico this weekend as he is beginning to show interest in fetching balls. I think he is tired of watching Jetta have all the fun.  I tried to take a movie, but as soon as the camera came out, he lost interest.

Note that Jetta is stretched out on top of Vic's legs--he has, surprisingly, become quite the dog lover.
Not much else to report. On Monday, we were told we were next in line for the cap rail replacement and #5 for slide floor replacement. I am writing this on Tuesday morning and we have still not been called into a service bay.  Gotta keep the faith. We intend to be eating Memphis barbecue by the weekend.

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