Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crossing the Rockies

Aug. 27-30: Crossing the Rockies and on to the Great Northern Plains
A view of the Montana landscape from our window
Left Missoula around noon on Saturday inspired by the idea that the perfect Saturday night had to be in Livingston, Montana home of the famous song “Another Saturday Night” by Jimmy Buffet .
Loved the old Western atmosphere of the bars downtown; romanticized about owning property in Paradise Valley and then met a guy at our RV park who had just bid on a 40 acre ranch that used to be part of Peter Fonda’s spread. Went to the classic downtown hotel and nightclub—The Murray to listen to the blues. 
The infamous Murray Hotel
Crossed the Continental Divide –motorhome did fine pulling us up the mountains. Vic awed by the dramatic scenery changes as we headed out to the open plains.
Spent the night in a ho-dunk RV park (a set-up in some guy's backyard; odd but doable) in Terry, Mt on the border of North Dakota. Weather still way warm.
Traveled our longest day yet across the whole state of North Dakota passing through Fargo to its twin city of Superior, Wisconsin.  The end of the drive was extremely challenging crossing on a tall arching bridge with construction barriers in the lanes and confusing signage.  Needed a belt of whiskey to calm my nerves when we finally settled at the campground in Superior, where we experienced our first night of rain (and the resulting glory of muddy dogs).

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