Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seeking solace in nature

Sept. 6- Sept. 9, Hancock, Michigan
After my mom's memorial and saying goodbye to most of my relatives, we decided to spend a few more days in the Copper Country at the incredibly lovely McClain Sate Park on Lake Superior. My brother-in-law Scot and his wife Jeana tent-camped next to us and, along with my son Jesse, we enjoyed a true feeling of camping with cold nights (and mornings!) around a campfire. 
The view of Lake Superior
from our motorhome!
Scot had all the provisions for making breakfast outside too.  Why does coffee on a chilly morning around a campfire taste so good? The weather during the day reached 70, but the nights dropped into the 40s. I have never seen the lake such a deep shade of turquoise and so still. We are starting to feel the season change and the leaves are starting to burst into shades of red and gold. 

Vic (and the dogs) enjoying the campfire
before our dinner guests arrived.
My step-sister Gail and brother-in-law Joe brought the most amazing meal to our campfire—artichoke dip w/garlic bagel chips, crusty bread and rosemary-infused olive oil, spinach salad with feta, asparagus w/mushrooms, marinated chicken breasts and incredible wine from Joe, Scot, and we even opened my expensive box of pinot from Carlton, Oregon--yes, I said box.  Joe, the wine conneisseur, said it was the best pinot he ever had! It was a magical night catching up with new stories and reminiscing about many colorful times we shared in the past.

We were also able to fit in a day trip to Copper Harbor--a special place in my memories of various trips with family over the years. The weather was glorious and the big lake bluer than I ever remembered. I was also surprised to realize how much closer everthing was than I had remembered from my youth.  This trip has certainly evoked memories from all different times of my life--including my 1977 wedding night from my first marriage which we spent at the Keewenaw Lodge in Copper Harbor. 

On what we planned to be our last day in the CC, we decided to hang out another night, this time in Joe and Gail’s driveway.  The weather warmed up and Joe took us all out on the canal in their boat for a sunset cruise complete with their famous margaritas.  We ended the evening with a picnic of Vollwerth’s natural casing hot dogs, baked beans, and nachos.  I haven’t had a hot dog in years , but these were not ordinary ones, they were just like the authentic hot dogs I remember from childhood.
Friday morning came and we were headed for Madison, WI to the OSU vs. UW football game on Saturday. I felt overcome with sadness as we started to pull away as I felt closer to my mom up here, but the road beckons and I know how happy she would be for the adventure that lies ahead for us. My son Jesse left a little earlier than us and will meet us at the KOA campground in Madison for the Beaver Game.

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