Monday, May 12, 2014

A second reunion with friends in Houston

May 6-8, 2013
Spring Creek Park
Tomball, Texas

spring creek park1

For the second year in a row, we have been lucky enough to get one of the free sites at Spring Creek Park in Tomball, Texas, about a half hour north of Houston (if there is little traffic). This county park is simply lovely and they offer eight free sites that have concrete pads with full hook-ups including 50 amp! They even take reservations, but there is a seven night limit within 30 days. I tried to see if there was a place to donate for the use of the campsite, but they are not set up to take donations.

Even luckier for us, Vic’s college roommate and fraternity brother from the University of Idaho lives only about fifteen miles from this park. Vic reunited with him last year for the first time in almost forty years and now we wouldn’t think of passing through Texas without stopping to visit with Jim and his delightful wife Simora.

jim and simora at dinner1

When you stop to visit Jim and Simora, they make it clear you are welcome guests not only in their home, but in their city!  In other words, they plied us with wine and cheese, delicious meals, and even gifts for the road. What fun to feel spoiled.

One of the things I had wanted to do in Houston was visit the Texas Junk Company, a large thrift store that carries used Western wear. (Thank you Marsha of Where’s Weaver for this tip.) Sadly, we learned that it is only open Fridays and Saturdays as the other days the owner is out finding treasures. In lieu of finding myself a new-to-me pair of cowboy boots, Simora, knowing I was disappointed about the store being closed, presented me with a Texas cowgirl wine glass, two other white wine glasses that unbreakable glass, and Texas wine to fill it.  Too fun.

We had only intended to stay overnight in Houston two days, but a major front with severe thunderstorm warnings, hail, and high wind was reaching down into San Antonio, our next destination.  As a result, we chose to stay another night (and had no problem extending at the park since it was a week day). This extra day gave Vic and Jim the opportunity to go on an adventure on their own to the Houston Museum of Natural Science while Simora and I spent a long afternoon having lunch and shopping. No photos from either day trip but we all enjoyed a great day that ended on their patio with more wine and cheese!

jim and vic posing1

Stopping in Houston to see them was a great reminder of the value of taking time to reach out to those who have influenced our life journey along the way.

Next stop: another reunion with friends in Albuquerque. . . .


  1. We haven't stayed at that park...yet. We do keep it on our list as a back up. Looks so lovely.

    Oh sorry you missed the junk store. It is a treat. Keep it on your list and try the next time you are through that area.

    This just cracks me up...I bought that exact wine glass at HEB for our daughter in TX. What a hoot.

    Shop until you drop girlfriend!

  2. That park is beautiful...and free too! That's hard to believe!
    Sorry to hear the Junk Company was closed...but don't give up on those boots. We all want to see them on the bar!
    Your friends sound really nice...folks in Texas sure know a thing or two about great hospitality!
    Safe travels...

  3. I'm sorry you missed the new to you boots. LOVE my cowgirl boots. Carry them everywhere with me. But the wine glass is top notch. Thanks for the heads up on the park. What a gift from the town.

  4. Wow! Free camping with FHU's, who have thunked!!

    How nice that you got to reconnect again with Vic's long lost buddy. I am sure Vic was thrilled.

    Sorry about the boots. You would look so cute on the dance floor with those:) But that wine glass is neat!

    Have a safe trip to Albuquerque!

  5. This is the second time I forgot to mention the roseate spoonbill! That is an amazing perfect!! Love it:) I do believe they are prettier when flying.

  6. That is a great combination-nice free camping and spending time with old friends:)

  7. So wonderful you got to stay in the Tomball park. We stumbled upon that a couple of years ago, and bookmarked it for future visits to my daughter in Houston, but as you know, we are now off the road. Still enjoying reading everyone and what they are doing, though! That's a cool wineglass! and an amazing photo of my favorite bird the spoonbill! WOW!

  8. Just our luck, when we arrived at Tomball Park, they were full because of a rodeo....Will try again, and try to make reservations ahead of time.

  9. I need to remember to check out this park for the next time we're in Houston with the rig.


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