Friday, May 31, 2013

Family time with the grandsons in the OC: Part II

May 26-30, 2013
Orange, California
Orangeland RV Resort

orange square pop store

Our last four days here were mostly spent doing simple but fun things with the boys and picking up or taking them to their various activities. Fortunately, my step-daughter Mindy, who was vacationing in New York City, left incredibly detailed notes about their daily schedule plus their dad (son-in-law David) was around over the Memorial Day weekend and after work to help make sure we were on track. We did give him some time without us when we decided to take about an hour’s drive to an RV show at the Rose Bowl. We should have investigated the show more as it turned out to be just one big dealer, McMahon, with no vendors and only about a half dozen Class A motorhomes.  We had hoped to see the newer Tiffins, so we decided to stop at the local dealer, Mike Thompson’s RV Superstore, where we were able to see some 2013 Phaetons with the L-shaped couch, fireplace, and large TV layout. It looks more like a living room, even has a coffee table, but you give up a lot space on the other side by having just one recliner instead of a love seat or two recliners.  The other result with the sofa is no hide-a-bed, just a scissor bed.  It would be hard for two people to fit on the extra bed. So, once again, we are happy to say we like our motorhome just fine. (It is good for us to go and reaffirm this feeling every so often. Probably the biggest temptation for us would be to go up to 40’, but the only difference would be that we could take more stuff and we already have more than we need!)


With the boys living so close to Disneyland, Legoland, Universal Studios, California Adventure, Knott’s
Berry Farm, and probably countless other attractions we don’t even know about, there is no shortage of things to do in this area, but we are not into crowds, so we kept close to the RV Park or their home over the Memorial Weekend. The boys spent Memorial Day with us at the park where we all watched the first of the Narnia series,The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, together with the surround sound and two TVs on in the galley of the motorhome. I remember reading the whole series aloud to my sons we spent two summers on a sailboat in British Columbia. Those books have special memories to me and I also appreciate their symbolism as a spiritual allegory.

After the movie and lunch, Grandpa challenged the boys to a game of shuffleboard.  It took the boys a while to get the hang of out (Grandpa a little bit too—all those months in Florida the last two years with shuffleboard courts everywhere and he never played once).  After about an hour of practice, they paired up: Grandpa and Tyler (4) against Luke (9) and Nate (6).

Grandpa gave Tyler and Nate a bit of a handicap by letting them  shoot their discs from a shorter distance. The game was pretty close until the last frame when Tyler scored thirty points!  He came back to the motorhome beating his chest. These guys are competitive but, thankfully, no one was a sore loser. 

Tuesday was back to school, so Grandpa and I enjoyed the break and got some things done around the motorhome. This park has a car and motorhome/RV washing station which Vic used for doing a much needed detailing of our Jeep. He did not take on the motorhome, but I can feel that time is coming soon. Tyler had a fire truck presentation at his pre-school which we stayed to watch. The bummer was the actual fire truck had to go out on a call, so they sent a small truck but the kids loved the demonstration of the fire hose and sirens just as well and it was fun for us to meet his pre-school teacher and see him interacting with his peers.

The two older boys started basketball practice this week so after school was snack, homework, playtime, early dinner, off to practice, shower and get ready for bed. Vic, as a former basketball coach, was super excited to watch them practice for summer ball. I mentioned in my previous post that this side of the family is extremely athletic: Vic coached his daughter Mindy in basketball from fifth grade through high school; she also played volleyball which earned her a Division One scholarship to Oregon State; son-in-law David wrestled and played baseball in high school, then played Division One baseball for Oregon State. Did I mention that we are all avid Oregon State Beaver fans? They just finished first in Pac 12 baseball and we have high hopes they will make it to the World Series and become national champions for the third time since’05.  (Note to self: we need a family photo with everyone decked out in our Beaver gear.)

My step-daughter returned from NYC late Wednesday night which also happened to be our last night at Orangeland RV Park (long story but we messed up our reservation dates a bit). Our plan is to return for another week after the boys are out of school so we can do some daytrips to the beach and other fun places together. In the meantime, we are off to San Diego to visit my niece and nephew who both live there. My nephew has room for our motorhome so we are happily going to be parked at their house while we enjoy the San Diego area—a place we haven’t been since the 90s! 


  1. Looks like you get an A+ in pitch hitting for mom. I would love to see the family decked out in their beaver gear. Who wears the tail????

    1. Ha, clever pun with pitch hitting. No tails on the Beaver gear, but that would be a cute idea. May have to market that one.

  2. So nice of you two to babysit. I am sure their mom enjoyed her time away. Not to mention all the fun you two probably had as substitutes. The happiest person I am sure was the son in law!!

    Enjoy your time in San Diego!! We spent the day hiking with Hans for Lisa. Today is her birthday!!

    1. Yes, I am sure David appreciated our help. It was a good excuse for us to spend some extra time with the kids. Looking forward to seeing your Hans and Lisa hiking blog!

  3. Looks like the boys are having a GREAT TIME!

  4. Always nice to see some youngsters amongst our mostly "retiree" blogging. Thanks for letting us enjoy some youth. As for that visit to the Tiffin dealer... be very careful, as one of these times, you're going to see something you like and then you know what's going to happen!

  5. You just never know what you might find at an RV show or dealer! Those can be dangerous places!

    Have fun in San Diego!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  6. Your post so brings back fond memories of doing pretty much the same thing....enjoying the grandkids! Ours are all grown up now and so busy...don't need GiGi and Grandaddy quite so much.

    We loved San Diego when we were there last February...hope you can check out Croce's for Sunday brunch and get to the Little Italy market...enjoy!

  7. Looks like everyone had a busy and fun time - especially the grandkids!

    Enjoy the RV Show and San Diego.

  8. Nice of you to baby sit.

    We wandered through several new Tiffins at the factory in Red Bay and came away thinking we like our own better than the newer models.


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