Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A new travel itinerary

March 6, North Ft. Meyers
As our final week drew to a close, both Vic and I started to feel a little anxious about our upcoming plans.  We agreed that we would be going to Red Bay, Alabama for some work to be done on our Phaeton and had intended to go back south to Louisiana and Texas afterwards, but a new plan was developing—thanks to BJ’s coaching. Vic and I had been talking about changing our residency to a state with no income tax since we were no longer property owners anywhere. After talking to some folks and researching the options, all roads lead to South Dakota.  We considered flying there to get our driver’s licenses and register to vote, but BJ suggested just going for it and traveling north, then back to the LA area via Colorado. I measured the mileage difference between our original plan and the So. Dakota one and was surprised to learn that the difference was only about 400 miles.  So our new plan is to head north via Kansas City and Omaha to Rapid City, SD after our Red Bay adventure in April. I have mixed feelings about the residency change as I am emotionally tied to Oregon--but not financially. We are starting to talk about traveling this way for two to three more years. It seems a little hard to imagine when I think about it chronologically, yet these past these past seven months have just whizzed by and there is so much more to of the country to explore. I actually was once a resident of North Dakota and must admit, other than the cold winters, it was one of the friendliest places I have ever lived.

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